June 6th, 2006


Speaking Out of Turn, take two

I want to mention that after I re-read my post yesterday I realized how .... familiar and even comfortable... the act of doing a voice broadcast from the house felt.

Not only have we done many online chats and IRC sessions over the years, but we've also been on radio together a number of times, (and TV a couple) and there's a similar sense of dislocation from being in the same "place" in the metaverse while sitting twenty feet apart, with walls between.

This might be because we most often do morning radio gigs, where it's not unusual for the "morning crew" to be sitting in different studios while giving the on-air semblance of sitting side by side and even sometimes swatting each other with a newspaper or some such...and some of the rock stations we've done "meet the sci-fi guys on Halloween" type gigs for were in converted houses with studios spread over three floors....

On top of that was the late-night low-power talk radio gig Rolanni did for some months in the middling-late 80s, where she reported mentally placing certain of the names on the computer screen as being "at the table under the fake palm tree to the left" and someone else obviously just plain sitting at the bar with the bottle open..." ... and when I joined her in studio and saw the names popping up on the big computer screen I immediately saw what she meant.

So having the on-screen chance to see names over faces is something of a melding of all those IRCs, radio shows, and even the unreality of TV preparation with the convention experience of having people sitting with nearly unreadable namecards side by side on a panel (the name cards ought also to face sideways so you can remember the name of the person you've just met and are supposed to be bantering with in front of a worldcon audience....

As as been pointed out by others: if you start making a career out of writing, expect to have to talk about it a lot.