June 5th, 2006

Second Life

Speaking Out of Turn

We'd known for a few days that we were going to be speaking at the Second Life Library yesterday...no. We'd known that we were going to be chatting at the SL Library... and we'd assumed that like any number of IRC chats we've had in the last 25 years that we'd spend our time typing.

Our hostess, Second Life Librarian Rain Noonan, had mentioned to me that we might be able to do something more, which is to say actually speak to the assembled throngs but I didn't think we'd be able to pull that together, recalling the bad luck I've had in several attempts to to any kind of voice over the net... still I did managed to locate a couple non-working microphones and also two working headsets and a condenser mic that worked.

Yesterday I still expected to be typing, but Shawna Montgomery, Alexander Basiat, and Anhayla Lycia -- all Friends of Liad members in Second Life, IIRC, spent the better part of yesterday exploring the potential for sound and with a few hours to go convinced us to try the system. So we tried it. We liked it. We decided to march forward bravely... and so while our avatars -- Elan Neruda and Kit Jimenez -- sat calmly on stage, Kinzel and Rolanni did the voiceover.

We haven't had time to listen to the results yet, but the assembled throngs -- there were maybe several dozen auditors and watchers, but we were too busy to count -- reacted well to it. Not all of the SLers had audio capability, and in honor of that Rain Noonan attempted and pulled off the herculean task of typing a barely condensed version of our words as we spoke.

All in all it was a satisfying event for us, and we'd like to do something similar. And what an age we live in! -- the talk part of our performance has been preserved and archived; Podcaster Sam Chupp and SL's Alexander Basiat have combined forces and connections to provide this page with a snapshot of the avatars on stage and a link to the talk. Listen at your own risk!

I should mention that Rolanni did preview a bit of the talk, to the confusion of Mozart who was sitting with her while she was apparently speaking without opening her mouth....

Release 1.01 -- fixed a typo and corrected a mental slip on names: sometimes when you deal with nom-de-cyber, nom-de-mailinglists, and nom-de-plumes you drop a McCarthy in where it doesn't go.
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