May 30th, 2006


What goes around gets dizzy


things happen. Like the dryer dying late Thursday night, with clothes in process. Steve goes off to town and uses the dryer at the Maytag place... arriving just two minutes before the "last call for drying" ...14 miles round trip... isn't life fun?

Friday the repair guy comes late in the day,after we get haircuts early and rush home to meet him. He makes several adjustments, pulls something reminding me of Manny in The Moon is A Harsh Mistress, and goes off -- leaving dryer working fine and replacing nothing, and incidentally doing a very good job of reconnecting the dryer to the outside vent.

Saturday I forget. I think it rained in the morning, then stopped raining. No, I remember. We went to Augusta and signed books at Barnes and Noble. They finally had plenty of Crystal Dragon in stock, and also a bigger supply of Balance of Trade mass market from Ace. And right, they had the new Bruce Springsteen thingie, so now we have that, too.

Sunday, we went for a short drive, and discovered that the new Dunkin Donuts across town also has a Baskins-Robbins attached. I think it's the first BR in town. A beautiful day it is so we consider going out to the balloon festival... but on leaving BR we hear...strange sounds. Sounds like a wheel bearing is screwed up, or maybe that brake hasn't released properly. Drive directly home, do not pass go, do not collect $200. No, wait, since the shopping center was directly enroute, we stopped at Mr. Paperback, where we signed... Balance of Trade paperbacks and also... 2 copies of the Locus bestselling Sword of Orion. Then we went home without Chinese, having spent the splurge money on books, imagine...

Monday we stay home. In Second Life we get confirmation of an "official event"... yes, in the guise of Kit Jimenez and Elan Neruda, we're going to "appear" ...well here's what it says on the event listing:

Fresh from their Guest of Honor appearance at the joint Linux-Science Fiction convention Penguicon 4.0, award-winning authors Sharon Lee and Steve Miller discuss their careers, collaborating as writers, and how the expanding virtual world helped entangle them with the world-wide science fiction community. The program will be held on Sunday, June 4, at 6 pm sl time at the Second Life Library open air theater

For purists, 6 PM SL time is 6 PM Pacific time.

In fact, as the announcement went out elsewhere:

June 4, 6 PM Pacific

Sharon Lee and Steve Miller (Crystal Dragon) will appear online at
the Second Life Library Open Air Theatre on Info Island -- (avatar required).

Tuesday, some business in town, and then the car sounding much better, a visit to the post office and then to Animal House. Conveniently across the street is a new grocery store that's bigger than a convenience store but smaller than a Kmart. Hosannah, hosannah-ho...they have scrapple. In stock. I buy two pounds -- it's $1.80 cheaper than the only other place I know to get it in Maine.

That's what's up. sort of, here. How's by you?
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