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it came out of the wordwork

Last few days ... mixed
Lord Black Cat
The last few days have been kind of hectic. Wednesday was a very nice day, so nice that we abandoned our working plan and rushed to the ocean. Walked on the beach several times, found out our favorite lodgings at the ocean changed hands on March 31...it started raining about the time we left the beach and has been raining here off and on since; today we had several heavy duty thunderstorms...

Came home Wednesday to find a flurry of messages about potential electronic book stuff... all of which *still* has to wait until we have reversion letters firmly in hand. That's now looking to be the second week of June...

We've been working; Rolanni did a great job revamping the SRM Publisher paper catalog and I've been dealing with the Strangeness in Second Life: I won a lottery for a free store in a Second Life mall! The Lindens offered lottery winners free lease of a store front (I think for three months) and I accepted...so we've copies of much of the stuff also found at Nifty Snippets and now have an SRM Publisher snippet outlet at the Luna Oaks Galleria. A number of the new store owners were caught so much by surprise that they have nothing up, 48 hours after being informed... meanwhile with the aid and assistance of Kit, Shawna, and Anhayla... and the patience of Data Linden! ... have an operating mini-store. If you're in second Life come on by We think we have a transferable flag -- visit our Luna Oaks Mall shop to see it...