May 12th, 2006


Today's note, with electronica


so yes, we're actively looking for a new electronic publisher. I doubt we'll have anything set before June 1, especially not with half of the book industry out-of-town next week for the BEA in DC. You'll know for certain about the time we know for certain, I reckon. Say there are two main candidates and a longshot, with me still looking at delivery systems in case we decide to do our make that four possibilities at the moment. Nope, no names...

But hey, here's a question, is there a Firefox extension or plug-in for ebooks that match the Open ebook model?

A gray day today, with enough rain that I'm not going to bother to water the garden we planted yesterday. We drove off together, with me handling some business stuff at Jokas and at Childrens Book Cellar in Waterville while Rolanni did her Curves routine. After, we stopped and picked up Max!'s ashes at the vet's. Then on the winding road to Unity, with rain alternating with mist and cloud. On the road Rolanni mentioned that a woman who exercises at the Curves she uses...just lost her husband in Iraq. So does Bush's war strike home.

Two modest checks at the mailbox, but neither the one we've really been needing, and between them much less than the one we we're told we're expecting. Thankfully we had $$ come in from turning in our bottles and cans at the redemption center -- those nickels add up when you carry a dozen big bags of empties in! Also, I find the range of gas prices in the region from $2.75 to $2.91 ... good thing we had the luxury of an extra gallon and a route to choose the less expensive gas without going extra distance.

On the road... we had another spectacular wildlife sighting -- this one a coyote crossing the road right in front of was so big that at first I thought it was a small deer!

Following the death of Max! there was a period of adjustment lasting approximately.... we don't know how long. The three survivors are a bit moody; I think Dulsey's still actively looking for the old guy.

Also, things are too unsettled to plan right now, but I see Steve Miller's going to be playing in Augusta, in August. It'd be cool to see Guitar Steve....


Oh yes -- updated after I read Rolanni's LJ... I forgot to mention that our author cvopies of Balnce of trade the mass market from Ace arrived. Please let us know when you see it in a store...
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