May 10th, 2006


Thank you all

Thank you all for the condolences; one of the things Live Journal is really good at is keeping someone like me connected to distant friends in times of trial...

Later today, perhaps, back to our regularly scheduled program...
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Let the news be spread

This is, alas, not happy news, but people ought to know it -- that is readers of our work ought to know it. It appears that Embiid is closing down the <>Ebook publishing arm of the Embiid operation</a>. Right, say again, our long time seller of electronic books is closing up the sales part of the shop at the end of May and closing down the "bookshelf" part at the end of the year.

We hear these tidings from a posting Richard Michaels made on the Embiid newsgroup over on We've not yet received reversion letters... but golly, there are 11 or 12 of our novels and many chapbooks over there, so if they decide they need to send us a letter for each contract that'd be 20 or thirty of the things! Sigh....

So... we're looking at our options; I've sent email off to a couple of possible publishers to make sure that the work stays out and available. If you're on a newsgroup or mailing list where our work gets talked about, feel free to let them know. Baen's bar, rec.arts.sf.written, the romance newsgroups, Locus, SFC, .... wherever...

I'm very sorry about this turn of events. Embiid has worked hard in a difficult economy these last six years and I'm sure we won't be the only ones to miss them. No, I don't think this is proof that ebooks are a bad idea. I think it's a sign that the US economy needs work.

Meanwhile, words on a story, a new sign for the Friends of Liad Park over in Second Life.

Other bits: lunch on this very cool and gray day was a cold-chicken picnic with potato salad and baked beans, chased with rye bread. This was thrown together very quickly when Rolanni returned from the printer with chapbook reprints after driving 70 plus miles in the rain that made the day gray.

Yesterday's lunch I should have mentioned but was distracted -- Rolanni's home-made fish chowder. You see why working at home isn't all bad...
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