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it came out of the wordwork

Second Life today and tomorrow and other such
Lord Black Cat

even with the nice weather we've got outside, we've scheduled ourselves into Second Life for a number of hours this weekend, starting at 1 PM Eastern, (10 AM Second Life Time) ... and we'll be doing it again later today and several times tomorrow...we're calling it a RelaxaCon and Open House... come on by -- that's to Friends of Liad Park ... and chat with us and take tours or whatever... we expect a number of the Friends of Liad and some other authors to stop by. We're treating it like a Relaxacon.. .we'll be there and we'll be watching for friends.

Once we're done tomorrow evening's appearance on Second Life we have no other appearances, medical appointments, meetings, conventions, or scheduled stuff for the rest of the month. Wow! Time to get some work done, maybe even a chance to get to the ocean before the crowds show up if there's enough in the trip jar to pay for gas.... that's about a 10 gallon round-trip!

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