April 30th, 2006

Lord Black Cat

Stuff and such....

Oddly busy these last few days with a lot of running and doing and not much to show for it ....yet...

our flea market experience yesterday -- which necessitated running around for several days early in the week... was a real dud. There weren't many tables and there were certainly not many people, what with the weather being flawless -- cloudless, warm, a breeze light enough that walking around the outside of the school (which I did several times while waiting for the end of the day...sigh) -- and so we broke even and earned enough to buy a a pound of butter and a pound of cheese and a bottle or ordinary wine.
Wait, I guess I need to deduct the $3 I spent on local home-made apple jelly and the 50 cents spent on a cinnamon brownie made by some of the students of the Class of 2008, Winslow High. But gang, you'll have to do better if you want to raise money for that graduation trip!

We cleared out a few items, and I guess having identified things we can do without we'll now work on doing without them rather than adding them back to the house-hold clutter. We can hope...

Meanwhile, as mentioned on a mailing list:

we're trying to schedule an open house in Second Life, maybe with a
short workshop, next week, May 6 and 7, for FoL. Need SL volunteer tour
guides, location staff... and ideas. Possibilities on the weekend include
a shopping tour, garden tour, and (etceteras...)

So, if you haven't tried Second Life, a sort of 3D chat-world with extras,
log on and mention Elan Neruda or Kit Jimenez as your reference. If you become
a regular member of Second Life we get a very modest in-world bonus and
you get to play, or work, or create, as is your habit and need.

Writing is moving in fits and starts since I got back from PenguiCon,
this not aided by the prescriptions and counter-prescriptions for me and
a run of take-the-cat-to-the-vet that's very discouraging. Now Scrabble is the
one showing signs of unease and sneezing...

And I've been fiddling various web pages and am *slowly* working my way through a
Dreamweaver tutorial. Ouch, am reminded of my chemistry professor's
"And, as obviously follows" demonstration for molarity or whatever...

Weather report: very nice. I'd prefer to be at the ocean.

Oh, yeah, if all goes well I'll have a few more comments on Penguicon.
I will say now, as I did at closing ceremonies in Livonia, that I've spent several
years of my life at science fiction conventions... and my time at Penguicon was among the best days
of those several years.
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