April 22nd, 2006


Live! from Penguicon

Comes a quick note before we dash off to breakfast...

Yesterday was a half-day for us. We lazed about in bed until almost 7:30 a.m., then wandered downstairs to partake of breakfast, and across three parking lots, first to find out what was this Sweet Lorraine's advertised outside the Marriott, and thence to Max and Erma's, so that kinzel might know where this useful emporium was located. We took a stroll around the attached mall, where we were almost mowed over by the power walkers.

Back at the hotel, I did some outlining on the Book Without a Name, and then we met friends for lunch at -- wait for it -- Max and Erma's. Much good food and better conversation ensued, then back to the hotel to collect our packets, nap (lj user="kinzel"> and write rolanni until it was time to go downstairs to our first panel of the con, in which the four captive writers -- Matthew Keaton, Diane Firkin, Sharon Lee and Steve Miller -- talked about their process to a packed roomful of very attentive scholars.

After that, a brief sojourn to the Green Room under the wing of [Unknown LJ tag], who knows everybody, and back downstairs for Opening Ceremonies, which I am pleased to report was conducted with appropriate Pomp and Seriousness.

Uplifted, we talked our way up and down a couple halls, marveled at the precision team of matched insect green robots performing on the putt-putt course, and so to bed.

Catch you on the flip side.
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