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it came out of the wordwork

Breakfast and breakfast again...
Yesterday we arrived in Toledo.

We didn't arrive in Toledo as early as we expected, saving our hard-working wrangler from the need to be on the road at 3:30 AM....and making us unexpectedly eligible for breakfast on the train... but we passed, since we knew we were scheduled to arrive early and had planned to eat with Maurita in any case.

The train station in Toledo had a remarkable bland similarity to the the train station in KC... but it was conveniently located for our needs, allowing our wrangler to drive us out with a minimum of fuss to get us breakfast, which was good...and then to wander around Toledo for an hour or two before heading north to Royal Oak to meet a hedgehog and thence to Livonia to arrive at the Penguicon location at the Holidome.

Dinner with the con staff and some of the other guests was a raucous affair with around 36 of us in a small room. Good folks, good fun, high volume.... followed by dessert back at the hotel. Rolanni and I were wimps, sharing one piece of dense triple decker chocolate cake...

This morning breakfast in the hotel restaurant was fine and we began seeing more signs of con folks...and had to turn down an offer from the Christian Evangelical magic show folks who wanted us to join them tonight, or tomorrow, or Sunday... they just didn't seem to get that when we said we were Guest of Honor for a convention that we'd *told them* were busy for the next few days...sigh.

If *YOU* aren't busy and are within range of Livonia, MI, there's still room for you at Penguicon, where TUX, LINUX, Chocolate, Caffeine (including Open Cola)and Science Fiction will all run together for the weekend... that's at the Livonia, MI Holiday Inn....

About time for a nap and lunch and then...we start being *really official* at 6 PM.