April 15th, 2006


Looking Backward from 2006

A very strange day today, following a night that was low-sleep. I slept for two hours, woke up wide awake, and then couldn't find a comfortable position. It took a 20 minute sojourn in the living room on the old very-soft-couch with Dulsey after 3 AM before I was tired again, and then it took the wonderfully welcoming Mozart (sleeping in my spot, ahem....) who gave me amazing amounts of cat belly and purrs before I could find a sleepable spot.

I napped today, trying to catch up on some of the sleep. Even so, I had no concentration, and so after a wonderful lunch of Rolanni's custom bean-and-rice soup, chased by some cheese and a Shaw's whole-wheat roll (which beats Hannaford's so-called whole wheat rolls hands down) I found that writing wasn't working, and for that matter, the web work was ... not up to snuff.

Did I mention that today was my father's birthday? He would have been 78. And I'd have called, to hear about the girls on the beach.

So, what I did this afternoon was Collapse )
and so that's the way it is. A good evening, with the Orioles winning another, hooray!
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