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it came out of the wordwork

Scattered clouds...
Scattered clouds...

In both brain and sky. Weird night -- slept twho hours right off and then woke up.. think it must be that it
feels hot when the temp doesn't properly drop into the 20s.

And so..
Rolanni has Mozart off to the vet as I type. Like we needed another vet visit this week, right? The vet gives us a kennel break, for some reason...

It rained off and on this morning, starting right after the propane guy finished changing the old "DOT-style" tank for a newer one... which incidentally came with a lot more propane in it, for which we will be billed. Surprise me. I didn't expect we'd come out with a credit, somehow.

Am working on some web page changes for ... the SRM Publisher catalog page -- with luck they'll be done this evening. That'll be adding the pre-order for Sharon's Gunshy due for publication August 16.

We let Dulsey out briefly... within 5 minutes she's atempted at least two flying leaps at windows. Back in the puppycage she went, oh yes, there to be entertained with the bird video. I have to change that out -- I'm starting to recognize the individual bluejays.

Did some writing work last night and today, now on to more immediate cashflow things... coming soon, a "Trip Jar"...


More scattered clouds ...
More scattered clouds ...

we had thunder in the distance and the threat of hail, but what we got was about a half hour of steady rain sandwiched between some intermittent showers...

I was glad the lightning didn't get closer since closing down the computers would have greatly interfered with the ongoing projects.

The trip jar stuff is, alas, not done. Maybe later, maybe tomorrow. If tonight is as sleepless as last night, maybe tonight... bits and pieces of it are done, but it has not yet come together. A lot of that going on right now, it seems.

Meanwhile, from here, the latest Opera and the latest Firefox are giving similar results on the upgraded
SRM Publisher catalog page which now includes a mention of Rolanni's Gunshy and a way to pre-order. Go Steverino... last time around Opera and Firefox were miles apart. Of course, just as I was a typing this, comes news there's an important Firefox upgrade... sigh.

In the very near future: cat box cleaning. What a Wild and Crazy Lifestyle(TM) us creative types lead.