April 11th, 2006

Lord Black Cat

beedleboop, tiree, tiree....

And so a busy enough day today, with an early wake-up and then trips to the vet, the po, the bank, the doctors office, the vet, and then a nice walk in the fine weather. Exercise is good. Listening to the birds makes me wonder who it is that gives city folk the idea that the country is quiet? Sqwawk-scritch-kaw-kaw, beddelboop, beedelboop, threinmka, beedleboop, tiree, tiree....

Along the way I saw cats in windows, cats outdoors, cats and dogs at the vet, an osprey flying along about 10 meters off the port bow as I drove, alpacas, and bug-eating birds performing near-suicidal acrobatics in pursuit.

The PO bill was modest -- under $125 today -- and the guy behind the counter seems to miss the 50 piece shipments. I promised him another day or two of that later in the month when Calamity's Child is ready to go.

Spent some time with the Delorme Street Atlas map program, trying to find ways back from Albany that won't have us in rush-hour traffic in the Boston loop coming home... might have found a fairly reasonable one -- adds a half hour or so, saves some miles, and likely will save nerves. Always, this depends on weather, of course.

Over in Second Life most of the work is done on the Friends of Liad park... come on over and visit if you have a chance. I appreciate the donations of time and Lindens...and think Mr. Kaikou Splash did an excellent job. Really, come on by, if just to kick back. Also, if you're in Second Life and want to start a science fiction or other genre discussion group, remember you can talk to me (Elan Neruda) about having events at the park.

Now returning you to a more regularly scheduled world....
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