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it came out of the wordwork

He got on his horse and rode off in all directions at once...
Lord Black Cat
Well, sometime it feels like we're riding in all directions at once....

and so, later today, if you visit Second Life, we're going to be dropping by the Friends of Liad Park between 3 and 5 PM Eastern (I think that's Noon and 2 PM SL time)..
and you're welcome to drop in, too. If no one else is there when you get in, look for a book or two on the benches or in the pavilion... science fiction classics you can read while you wait. Meanwhile I had a nice chat with someone on Second Life who's just a half-day drive from Penguicon... might have convinced him to stop by!

My schedule today, beside getting to the park on time, includes final layout (I really hope) of Calamity's Child, some work on Web of The Trident, and tweaks and fiddles on some web stuff... as well as an hour or so of book packing...

Speaking of book packing... my count says that we've shipped several hundred signed copies of Crystal Dragon so far, and between Rolanni and I hope to get around 50 or a hundred more out tomorrow...

Riding off in all directions at once yesterday we went to Unity to mail some SRM stuff and pick up mail and then to Augusta to 1) Get out of the house a bit, 2) pick up some late-model PDF application which permits us to edit PDFs, and 3) stopped by BN's Augusta store hoping to do a signing... instead, at BN we got a real education on how the system works, a discussion of modeling, print out of our listings on the computer, -- it was really great to see Barnes and Noble offering to get copies of the chapbooks and even showing the forthcoming Calamity's Child.... but it was sad to see that while Crystal Dragon has been running in the 500s to 700s at amazon much of this week that BN still hadn't managed to get any of the 10 copies to Augusta, our closest BN store... we also saw a new Susan Krinard book face out in the "new book section, so that, at least, was good news.