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it came out of the wordwork

More from the (book-style) market and other such.
you've been following along at home you may recall that yesterday our hero reported that Crystal Dragon
was selling pretty well at amazon:
Amazon.com Sales Rank: #429 in Books
#19 in SF & F
#9 in Science Fiction

This morning....
Amazon.com Sales Rank: #529 in Books
#21 in SF & F
#10 in Science Fiction

What's interesting to me is that dropping a hundred general "rating points"
only dropped the SF ranking by 1... so reports from friends that they'd seen Crystal Dragon at #7 in
SF or at number 10 in SF&F are probably accurate... go team! I do wonder...

A very sad thing (in my biased eyes) is that if whoever runs the info to the database got their act in gear, Crystal Dragon would be sitting #1 in the "series" ranking right now. We could really use "an amazon.com #1 series!" on an ad or two, eh? Anyone know how to talk amazon into making that connection -- or is this something the distributor or publisher needs to do, weeks ago?

Otherwise, we had an impromptu Friends of Liad meeting in Friends of Liad Park over at Second Life... three of us sat around chatting and listening to the wind chime and then later there was a side trip to Second Childhood Carousel... really, if you have some time to play, come on it to Second Life, join the Friends of Liad and maybe the ElseCon group...and have a blast.

In the meantime, our news is that the Meisha Merlin-DHL link is still... a SNAFU. No sign of DHL here in the hinterlands. Books sit aging in their boxes, waiting...waiting. The cats roam among the towers, or perch on top watching the bird videos....