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it came out of the wordwork

I know you're not all waiting breathlessly for this news...
Lord Black Cat
But spring is .... very .... nearly ....here.

Just a reminder, that is. A big hooray, too. Soon we get to plant flowers and act like gardeners for a day or two. The sun shines here, the wind blows, the neighbor has mowed the leftover winter debris on his lawn, blowing it into the road where it can blow back onto his lawn.

Meanwhile, back at the concerned author's headquarters... still no package from DHL. Sigh.

That means the mailing of more signed, pre-ordered Crystal Dragon won't happen before late tomorrow, if then. Cross fingers. We would really like to have our living room back, which is right now cramped with lots of cases of signed books.

This morning, reports tell me that we started off the day with these statistics for
Crystal Dragon at amazon.com:

Amazon.com Sales Rank: #429 in Books (See Top Sellers in Books)
Yesterday: #476 in Books
#19 in SF & F
#9 in Science Fiction

Librarians: going to the PLA convention? Look for Meisha Merlin.

Readers: According to Locus online author David Feintuch has died, at age 61, of a heart attack.