March 19th, 2006


March Madness

March Madness is on, and for us it isn't the NCAA basketball games and stats that we watch so much as it is
in-store and online info for our books.

An overview:

Crystal Dragon is filtering into stores -- we have reports of several sightings of free-range Crystal Dragon in the midwest. That's good news, because it means the distribution is coming along, finally. On the other hand, we spent some time in a Barnes and Noble store in Maine earlier today, and the folks there (who have 10 copies on order) reported that there are only 2 in their regional warehouse and no due-in date. They also report that they can get copies of Sword of Orion for a firm order... but they've sold three and aren't "modeled" to get more in. This modeling stuff is complex....

Today, we also saw Crystal Dragon at #22 on the amazon top SF&Fantasy list and at #12 on the top SF list. Likely it's been higher... but we didn't see it. Meanwhile we see that... Crystal Soldier the trade paperback is also out -- (we haven't gotten a copy yet here, I think)... it was ranked at 51,000 yesterday, but there haven't been any ads for it... and besides, the folks wanting hardbacks are keeping Crystal Soldier the hardback at 7,700 or so today. Sword of Orion...has been running in the 4000s and 5000s today over there at amazon.

Meanwhile, there has been a Diamond Distributing full page ad for 6 books including Crystal Dragon in a current trade publication...

And the bad news... is that the DHL truck we were told to expect last week... never made it. That means the rest of the shipping info and postage to mail the remaining pre-ordered copies of Crystal Dragon... are still not here. Maybe tomorrow.

Oh yeah, and the good folks at PenguiCon (you're coming to see us at PenguiCon in April, right? have asked what kind of soda we like in the con suite, which is very nice of them. If you haven't heard of the convention, it is a combined Linux-Open Source-Science Fiction Convention, this year in Livonia, Michigan. This is my first Michigan convention since ... oh, maybe the late 70s or so, so I'm really looking forward to it.

Meanwhile, for those of you following along at home, the Liaden Universe (R) presence in Second Life is getting larger... and the Friends of Liad park is available for anyone who wants to stop by and talk about science fiction.... sometimes Rolanni and I are there to take part. If you drop into Second Life you can use my avatar (Elan Neruda) as a reference...and we appreciate you taking part!
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