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it came out of the wordwork

Viral passports, viral toothpaste
Friends, Writers, and countryfolk,

lend me your POS terminals....
beware your objects, your comforts, your sales items,
for if they carry an RFID chip, they can really screw things up.
Passports, too, could do this, if they happen to use RFID...

the article I saw shows that someone went looking for problems in the technology... and found them. Imagine if you will that by buying and messing with a chip from a cheap pair of pants at WalMart you could have them selling TVs for $1.99.... or hang the system that communicates sales volume through the stores.

Otherwise today is an important day: it's the day we put away the rest of the Yule/Christmas stuff until the fall. That's the fall of the year and not the fall of merchandising as we know it.