March 13th, 2006


Boxes, boxes, who has the boxes...

We're getting a lot of questions (and more this morning) about the location of Crystal Dragon, the hardcover.

Once the boxes get here, the pre-ordered books we're signing will start seriously getting into the mail. Most of them are signed, but there's things like matching books to invoice, and labels, that are best done with box in hand. We're waiting.

On the other hand, several cases of signed books are on their way to an Uncle at an undisclosed location.

Meanwhile, we have it on good authority that the distributor had shipped approximately 3500 hardcovers as of last Wednesday and the next 3500 are scheduled to be shipped by the end of this Wednesday.

So there, that's where the books are.

Meanwhile. Dulsey the wondercat is still living in various states of isolation -- much of the day in the large dog crate in the living room, with timeout for exercise in the bathroom. She has taken a major interest in the morning and evening TV show, with a preference for the cat-oriented videos, though the video aquarium *and* my Tai Chi tapes both have some moments of interest. She's also helped us watch the first 5 episodes of Rocky and Bullwinkle and will join us for the next two, likely later today. If you ame in late, Dulsey broke her foot by leaping *upward* from the six feet high bookcase, going after a fly. The fly survived the encounter with no bone breaks, I betcha.

Now, I have to figure out breakfast. Sausage biscuits maybe? The coffee, at least, is made.
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