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it came out of the wordwork

Where we are ...
we're in Maine, and it's the 9th of March, and the weather forecast includes and inch or so of snow. So theah...

Meanwhile, a correspondent tells me that the "amazon numbers" have been slowly declining, which means that the Amazon ranking for Crystal Dragon has been running "down" from the 500s to the 800s (that's an overall sales ranking), with the tendency toward the 800s. Also apparently Crystal Dragon was up to the Number 7 in the hourly Top SF books at one point -- though the top I've seen is #10.

Proof that the book is shipping is that suddenly Barnes and Noble (BN.com) has Crystal Dragon ranked at #398. If I have this right, that's a combined in-store and online sales, and that's a respectable number for BN.com....

PLEASE: IF YOU SEE CRYSTAL DRAGON IN A STORE LET US KNOW ... I stopped at the BN in Augusta when I picked up a bunch of chapbook reprints early this week... and they had 10 due in, but not in yet. And... I just spoke with my contact at that store by phone, who reports they are now expected there within a week... looks like the distribution is being a bit wonky. Have time on your hand? Feel free to check in with your local bookseller.

I am now... on my way to mail a bunch of recent SRM publisher orders while Rolanni deals with Dulsey and DHL.

Meanwhile on Second Life I think both the Friend of Liad and ElseCon have sufficient members to stay in business for the next week or two.. and there's a small pavilion where fans can gather... but I may have forgotten to note the spot... Clay 16,223,130 is real close, for those of you who know the coordinate system...