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it came out of the wordwork

(no subject)
Lord Black Cat
A very busy morning today, with work done on webpages, on databases, on our Amazon plog, on Second Life...
and with Dulsey, the kitten-who-would-be-free.

Actually, we unwrapped Dulsey's bandaged foot last night/this morning before 1 AM at the urging of folks answering Rolanni's questions on her blog last evening. The cat slept better and so did we. Her bandage had gotten absolutely soaked (she loves to lay right next to the water dish and I think she just got the bandaged foot in the water and couldn't it out...). So that part of the experiment is done.... I guess.

I fought an awkward battle with Dreamweaver today -- honest, all I wanted to do was add an illo to the SRM Publisher catalog page -- for the cover art Calamity's Child. Did that, and boy did things get wonky. We've got it working again, sort of, but I need practice and/or help with Dreamweaver, apparently...

Down in Second Life, I've started several groups. One is Friends of Liad -- we need three members to keep it going and we need them within 68 hours or so -- and the other is ElseCon, which is a group for science fiction convention fans who want to meet on Second Life and who may want to put on events online.... in any case, also need three members (that would be two more since I plunked down the start-up fees) within those 68 or so hours. If you haven't joined Second Life yet and if you join and mention Elan Neruda or ask me (offlist) to send you a referral before you start and I'll be able to put a few pieces of "furniture" in the little park (well, empty lot) I bought to be a start-up online meeting place.