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it came out of the wordwork

Doing something...
Lord Black Cat
Doing something is better than doing nothing, I learned some time back. And so....

Today I had a nap rather than wait for a headache to overtake me and then I put some new paragraphs into the work in progress. I also got to play in various internet archives, 'cyclopedias, dictionaries, and the like, for longer than I expected.

I think we've written novels requiring less research than this short story... but when you use a well-known historical place as a location you can only do so much in the "making things up" mode before someone comes back to nibble your toes for a decade because you put a house on the wrong side of the road (which happened to a writer who misplaced a certain Baker Street address in London once occupied by... well, you probably can guess).

Meanwhile, over in Second Life, Elan Neruda has purchased an oriental rug and a wood stove for his digs, removed the roses growing in the middle of the steps, added two more trees between his property line and the flea market next door, adjusted his doors (again) and come up with a pretty and song-filled cardinal, who flies a meandering loop around the back deck. Why do all the SL designers think people have bedrooms the size of basketball courts?

Meanwhile, we have several PDFs of shipping sheets showing which companies are involved in getting Crystal Dragon to us, and to market. Both shipments, according to the just references documents, are on the way. This time we get a a bunch of books on a single pallet.. and another smaller shipment, coming some other way. I dunno why, I just live here. I hope they send the guy who brought us Liaden Universe Companion -- the pallet he left is a real good one! Did I mention that Crystal Dragon made it up to #23 on the SF and Fantasy list at amazon (for an hour or two) while ranging between the upper 700s and 1600 and change in the amazon rankings? So says an intrepid correspondent.

Oh, right. I should apologize to Craig, my younger (but not youngest) brother, who turned.... anyway, he had a birthday cake with a lot of candles on it... yesterday. We didn't manage to get a card or gift out to him, but we'll /g/e/t/ make it up to him RSN.

Dinner, and a glass of the rose, as soon as I check my email.

And yes, I'm sad that I never got to meet Octavia Butler, who died over the weekend after a fall. I always assume I'll eventually be on a panel or at a convention with all the neat people of the SF community... and sometimes it hurts that missing a convention means I'll miss some people forever. Meanwhile, I'm considering adding a "tip jar" or a "trip jar" to one or more of my pages. It's becoming the rage, and it might help us travel to places before it's too late to meet some of SF's brightest folks.