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it came out of the wordwork

News from the deep south reached us in the chilly north
We got a quick call from Meisha Merlin's home office yesterday...
and it appears that Crystal Dragon is now (finally)shipping to warehouses...
so that those of you who have ordered ahead from bookstores and amazon and BN.com and the like ought to be getting your books within a reasonable time frame.

Those of you who ordered signed copies direct from Meisha Merlin... will be waiting for awhile, since those copies get shipped via a package aggregator trucking company to a central hub, and thence to a Maine hub, and from there to the beautiful Cat Farm and Confusion Factory, where we sign and box them before dropping them in the mail in the Unity metroplex. The process? We have to lug cases and cases of books across the mud flats from the truck to the deck, and then from the deck to the living room... and then sign and box with the aid of the cats... and then drive 28 miles round trip to the post office, closely coordinating our schedule with the post master since the Unity PO has had it's hours cut, it being more convenient to close, dismember, and cut counter hours in rural Maine post offices than those in Florida or Texas.

So watch the skies, we'll let you know when books arrive; the traditional heading for that announcement is "Truck! Truck!"

Snow and other news
Lord Black Cat
There's enough snow on the ground to claim the ground's covered (three cheers!). Some of the snow in the woods and the backyard has been there since... December, I guess, though not much of it. A very warm, wet, disappointing winter...

Meanwhile, I hear that Crystal Dragon was recently ranked at 1086 overall and at #44 in the Science Fiction and Fantasy subcategory at amazon.com... Meanwhile Sword of Orion is running in the 5000 - 8000 range overall and Crystal Soldier is getting a boost as people realize they'll be able to read both parts of the bicameral book together, if they like.

And my visit to the physician today has me knocking on wood, since he proclaimed my annual lab results to be "exceptional" and "really good" among other such. The blood pressure is being maintained in a good range and the lipids and all that are minding their manners.