February 15th, 2006

Lord Black Cat

Boskone stuff -- Bad news/good news ...

As noted in Rolanni's LJ and in the Liaden Universe mailing list:

We have just been informed by Meisha Merlin that, because of an error at
McNaughton and Gunn printers, _Crystal Dragon_ will not -- that's NOT --
be available at Boskone. If you were planning on picking up _Crystal
Dragon_ at Boskone, be aware.

Also, the printer's best guess of when, exactly, _Crystal Dragon_ will be
shipped to Meisha Merlin (and thence to Lee and Miller for signing) is
three weeks. This means that, if you pre-ordered a signed hardcover of
_Crystal Dragon_, it will be shipping sometime in mid-March.

We very much regret this, and we reiterate that the problem is with the
*printer*, not with the publisher.

Meanwhile... as noted elsewhere....

And another thing about Boskone...

We've been asked to be on a regional cable TV network, talking about
Boskone, most likely on Friday morning's news/talk segment between 7 AM
and 8 AM. As usual with appearances on news-related broadcasts, the segment
is subject to change without notice in the case of breaking events...

we note that Boston's really taking notice of Boskone this time ...
viz. the links here.... as supplied by Pandemonium Books ... where we'll be signing *something* tomorrow night.
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