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it came out of the wordwork

We had snow and cold and ....
we had snow and cold yesterday, with blustery wind making the lights go dim more than once... but not like the folks downcoast who lost power at length and had knee-deep white stuff to deal with...

things going on:

we're still getting the Boskone plans together; there's hope for Friends of Liad breakfast and who knows what else... Our convention schedule has changed a bit -- look for our Friday signing to be at 9:00 PM rather than 9:30... still a half hour, likely we'll read from Crystal Dragon...

I sometimes get email from people asking "What's the best way for me to buy your books -- for you?"

Good question. In the case of the Meisha Merlin books, it's really best for us if you pre-order in hardcover, for the signed edition. That's because we get to sign the books and those orders are on top of the regular retail orders... call it a bonus. But... otherwise, it's still good if you go to a favorite specialty bookstore. We suggest places like Uncle Hugos in Minneapolis, Pandemonium in Boston, University Book Store in Seattle, The Missing Volume through the web and at conventions, Larry Smith at conventions, Meisha Merlin at conventions, Toadstool Books in New Hampshire, Mysterious Galaxy in San Diego, Borderlands in San Francisco, BakkaPhoenix in Toronto, Childrens Bookcellar (Waterville, Maine where we can get the books signed for you quite easily), Flights of Fantasy in Albany, NY... and I'm sure I've forgotten people, sorry...

Note that we've signed in person with many of these dealers, and that they try to keep our books in stock. Most of them will do searches, most will order hard-to-find things, some will make sure you get a signed copy. The thing is that these places have knowledgeable staff who are happy to sell you science fiction and fantasy and who will be glad to share what they know. Yes, it's true that we have signed at Borders and also at Barnes and Noble, but you know, the staff at the chains tend to change frequently and we're sometimes disappointed to be in a spot to do a "drive-by" signing and find the chains only have 1 or 2 copies on hand.
Since our chapbooks aren't distributed by a national distributor the places I've named above may be your best shot at getting them without ordering directly from SRM Publisher.

But, if you don't have one of these stores to hand, or you have to go for discounts, then any of the sources are fine -- our royalties are based on sales, not on sales through a special venue. For promo it's good for us if you buy those books early and often, of course, because then we've got a shot at various bestseller lists. Yes, we do mention the amazon rankings, but they're actually a kind of a seat-of-the-pants-barometer of interest...and if you want to get a clue about how your favorite authors are doing you can do a rough triangulation by comparing the amazon rankings with the BN.com rankings... and talking with the local bookstores.

By the way, if you know of a local/regional sf/specialty store or independent with a good SF department, please feel free to share. Knowing where stores are helps us decide which convention invites we can accept!