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it came out of the wordwork

Busy social calendar and assorted other stuff
It seems funny to live next door to the middle of nowhere and to still have a busy social calendar, especially when most of the engagements are in cities hundreds (if not thousands)of miles from home. In any case it appears our schedules for Boskone week are rapidly going from pencil to ink; hope we'll be able to catch you there. I should note that I usually manage to make the artshow reception...and which, it turns out, will open just as we're finished our reading Friday night. The question is, will the Friday schedule allow us dinner?

Meanwhile, I woke to snow on the ground from the overnight snowshowers... and glad to see it, even if it was less than an inch. I assume we have more snow in our future as it almost always snows Boskone weekend.... Other than the snow, it was also more or less properly cool today; the temperature right now is 10.3 F according to our electronic weather-reader.

I see that the amazon rating for Crystal Dragon, which can come to a mailbox to you RSN, has been bouncing around in the 1850 to 3500 range. We'd love to see it higher of course -- in the meantime Sword of Orion (ranked at 4970 in books overall) was ranked #84 in the top 100 science fiction, which ought to put Crystal Dragon (currently at 2590 in books)somewhere above it. Who knows what it all means, anyway?

Tomorrow looks to be a busy one -- might drop a note late in the day, unless news catches us sooner.