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it came out of the wordwork

In search of quality water...
Lord Black Cat
some things are just a necessity, and finding quality is hard. I'm in search of quality water guns.

For example, we need to have a water gun or two handy at all times. We have cats, you see, and water guns allow one to break up fights, prevent jumps to the counter, save the butter from quick licks.... you know the drill.

The problem is that we can't find quality water guns these days. The last *5* we've had have all leaked so badly that they needed/need to be kept in a bowl or dish. Sometimes even that doesn't suffice -- yesterday for example, Dulsey the young Maine Coon Monster was in front of the kitchen counter, transfixed... by the drips coming from the counter top and down (and behind!) the cabinet doors. It turns out the green Uzi was leaking again, and we had quite a flood to mop up.

Don't get me wrong, the green Uzi is acceptably accurate and has a good rate of spray. It's just that you can't leave it lying about -- it must be stored in a dish, which limits mobility.

Now me, I fondly remember a watertight Park plastic snubnose 38 -- several of them actually, since Miss Yingling, my seventh grade teacher, had a collection of them by the end of the year -- a shiny silver gem that one could carry all day and never have a water-in-the-pocket problem...

Anyhow, if anyone knows of a source for good, leak resistant water guns, I'd like to know of it. My writing is suffering without one.