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it came out of the wordwork

Beautiful day in the neighborhood
It is indeed a good-looking day, with clouds and sun mixing-it-up with the help of a gusty cold wind.

I was so energized by the morning that I went out with trash bag in hand to do what's normal a March or April job -- clean up the bits and batches of trash, plastic, paper, and stuff that always ends up under a winter's worth of snow.

No, the snow isn't all gone, but nearly so, and that the third time this winter that most of it has gone. Won der if we'll have one of those dump-it-all in March winters.

This has been a bad year so far for snow machine folks (the riders, not the snow-gunners up at the Loaf)and now that there's open water all over the place it looks like some of the routes won't be up to par until sometime next winter.

Meanwhile, yesterday saw some decent amazon numbers for Crystal Dragon, Sword of Orion, and Crystal Soldier; at one point Crystal Dragon's amazon ranking was high enough to put it into the top 100 new SF. Yesterday also saw some work done on a short story and a novel, and on some web stuff, and a bunch of cats coddled. Also yesterday an update to the Amazon Connect web log. I'm still waiting for some of the backroom stuff to work for me there, so we're sharing Sharon's address at the moment.

Today, some waiting, some thinking, some writing, some planning. All while the wind whistles and the buoy bell clangs.

Read Russian?
I don't read Russian... but some Russians read us...

in house of a sudden the top book on the page you can find here
which is Plan B and I Dare. Missing from our files, IIRC, is a copy of ...

which can be found here.......so anyone got an extra of this?

And more as developments warrant.