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it came out of the wordwork

And so Locus...
And so, if you follow these kinds of things, you can go over
to Locus Online's newest Bestseller list... and you'll see why we're pleased as Punch this morning... which is to say that Sword of Orion made the list, and for the all-important November or "Christmas Rush" selling period.

Speaking of bestseller lists, we're encouraging those of you who haven't ordered Crystal Dragon from Meisha Merlin and who regularly order from amazon.com to remember that Super Bowl Sunday is an excellent day to order a copy or two. Really. The site is extra fast that day...and of course Crystal Dragon comes out a week or two later in February, at Boskone...

Speaking of Boskone, our preliminary Boskone schedule arrived last night and looks like:

Friday 6:00 pm How to Make SF More Inviting to Teens
Ellen Asher, Bruce Coville, Sharon Lee, Clayton L. McNally (M), Mary A. Turzillo

Friday 7:00 pm Trends in SF Publishing: Technology
Cory Doctorow, James Patrick Kelly, Clayton L. McNally, Steve Miller (M), Don Sakers
Has there really been a paradigm shift in publishing -- from books to "content"? What's going on beyond the printed page -- from micro-presses, e-books, podcasts, and the like?

Friday 7:00 pm Reading (etc.) -- Internal or Published Chronology?
Ellen Asher, Sharon Lee (M), Teresa Nielsen Hayden, Steven Sawicki, Joe Siclari
Does reading (or watching) in the order published give you a better
idea of the writer's (or the writer's world's?!) own development?
Does going by internal date best show you the story/character arc in
the way it was actually intended? Which way do publishers, writers,
or readers prefer? In which series does it seem to matter most.?
Which should come first, "The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe" or
"The Magician's Nephew"? Star Wars4 or Star Wars1? Come up with some
other good examples.

Friday 9:30 pm 1/2 hr Reading (0.5 hrs)
Sharon Lee, Steve Miller

Saturday 12:30 pm Literary Beer
Sharon Lee, Steve Miller

Saturday 2:00 pm Learning the (Small Press) World
Ernest Lilley (M), Steve Miller, Don Sakers

Saturday 3:00 pm Meta Stories: Blending of Series of Books
Ginjer Buchanan, Steve Miller </b>(M), Tamora Pierce, Melissa Scott, Ann Tonsor Zeddies

Sunday 11:00 am Autographing
Rolanni and Kinzel ... and Sharon Lee and Steve Miller

Sunday 2:00 pm Preserving Culture in Small Systems
Tobias Buckell, F. Brett Cox, Michael F. Flynn, Sharon Lee(M), Ken MacLeod

The classic case is the generation ship where something goes wrong
and the culture which sent the ship out is overcome by a strongman
or superstition. Join this discussion of "cultural drift." Why are
small systems fragile, and what can be done with planning your
mission to the nearest star (or wherever) to guard against this

Remember, this is a preliminary schedule and could be subject to fluctuations.... and I note that we'll be scheduled against each other on Friday evening at 7:00. The topics are different enough that making your choice, if you particularly want to see us, ought to be easy to make.

Still on the writing topic, my go at the Ace version of galley proofs for Balance of Trade is nearly finished, and I'm glad they gave us time to double up on. I ought to be done today, and then we'll copy the pages with changes and get them on the way to the ace Ace editorial department.

Soon, I'll go off for the annual blood test (in preparation for the annual physical) and so am looking forward to breaking my fast a little after noon...maybe a good excuse for a visit to cousin Lee for a bit o Chinese.