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it came out of the wordwork

Sun On the Mountains
In the aftermath of the Thursday overnight snowfall the mountains were wondrous pretty as we left our pre-con hideaway and expresswayed in a two car caravan down to Bijou and the Clarion Hotel. Timing there was perfect, with 15 minutes left to get into the restaurant to start lunch...

Our con quarters are very nice and roomy, and as you can see I've managed to whap WINXP upside the head hard enough to get the WIFI working... After making sure connections were working we checked email and otherwise prepared for the con, and then toured the program area briefly before getting to work...

Our first panel struck at 4 PM yesterday, with Sarah Hoyt, Rolanni, me, and Rebecca Lickiss holding forth on the relationship between dialog and character. You should have been there -- several really good stories about the writing life emerged along with lots of to the point discussion.

We had a good if extended -- that is the table was many feet long -- dinner, wherein we spoke to many and sundry, shared stories about running artshows and conventions (I SMOFED a bit, Rolanni conversed on other matters).... and then the Instant Ice Cream program item was a blast, with liquid nitrogen proving to be a fast way to make ingredients into dessert.

On then to the consuite and some partying, and then we retired, the altitude wearing us out early.

Along the way we saw a number of the Friends of Liad, DebMats and Anhayla among them, as well as a surprising number of Plan B t-shirts.

More today.