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it came out of the wordwork

On line as trains run beneath us
So the wifi is wi enough to let the laptop talk to everyone, hurrah... and I've already been commenting on rolanni's post from Sabu, the Dana Alphasmart she uses in place of a pencil.

News is that as usual, as we traveled, we came up with three or four story ideas and extensions. I don't know why, but train travel (and traveling to trains) brings out the short-story side in me.

The trip up to Albany was exciting at times, about more some other time. I do wish to mona-and-whine about the stupid directions at the station pointing to the garage... except that the garage ramp is closed so one must then spurk about a but before actually arriving at the garage. They'd tricked us with this once before but we'd assumed that the newer signs meant things were fixed. Alas...

Oh, no... the train, they tell us, is ten minutes late... hey, if that's as bad as it gets we'll count ourselves lucky.

And now, to check out the soups available at the coffee shop.