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it came out of the wordwork

rain has washed away the snow
rain has washed away the snow... well damn.

Tonight it's supposed to rain, turn to sleet, and then to snow, continuing for some hours into tomorrow evening.

Tomorrow we're driving 375 miles or so, into the storm.

Some days are like that.

Recently arrived tentative schedule
As always, tentative convention schedules are... guidelines. That means they're subject to changes, additions, corrections and amendations.

In this case, it looks like the Friends of Liad party will happen sometime after the close of the Regency Ball time is not set...; the FoL breakfast isn't totally set (as in location) but seems likely to be Sunday morning to give Team NoSleep a chance to be in top gear.

With not much more ado, here, in partial HTML color!, is the...

Recently arrived tentative schedule for COSine...

For those not yet awake, you can substitute the word Kinzel where the word-pair "Steve Miller" appears and you may substitute the word "Rolanni" where the word "Sharon Lee" appears.

If you can't be with us at COSine you can watch this space for comments as we travel, assuming we can get the internet access we crave and are addicted to... and you can also suggest to all your friends that they descend upon their local bookstores to order Crystal Dragon in hardcover and Crystal Soldier in softcover, both from Meisha Merlin, both due in February... end of a short commercial, but if you insist on ordering from Amazon rather than your local genreshop may I mention that Super Bowl Sunday is always an excellent time to shop for Lee & Miller books electronically.