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it came out of the wordwork

looking about a bit I see it's.....
Going to be a busy day, so this quick overview of what's up.

1. Looks like the SRM Publisher edition of Buffalogic, Inc by Lawrence Schoen is nearing a sell-out, which means it will get reprinted soon, likely in February. Go Lawrence. Heck, go readers for recognizing good work!

2. Have suddenly had correspondence from several folks with more chapbook ideas. We'll see what develops toward fall.

3. Am shipping a copy of the draft of the Sharon Lee mystery Gun Shy to an expert for vetting re some police procedural stuff. There's still shot that this will make a trade paper from SRM in time for the fall book rush. Jen Pierce fans, this is a follow up to Burnburner

4. We'll have a mixed selection of Lee & Miller SRM Publisher books at COSine but no others, alas. The price of gas has upped shipping-on-speculation to a real gamble.

5. Still don't have the program for COSine in hand. I did see that someone named Connie Willis may also be attending the con.

Hi Ho Argent, and away!