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it came out of the wordwork

And so where have I been today
Lord Black Cat
And so where have I been today...
you probably know better than asking.

No matter. I'll tell you.

Spent some time this morning waiting for Rolanni to come home without the cat, since Dulsey had an appointment with the nice fellow in the Hawaiian shirt... did some web work. Webwork today got done upstairs and downstairs, and finally online. Dulsey did come home, bloodied but hungry, much later.

If you haven't been keeping up I've been messing with:

the korval.com homepage
the Liaden Universe homepage

Also today I've been to Unity. The post office was uncrowded and calm.

I drove through China. Hardly any traffic, though a bunch of people were out walking and working in the hot weather. 50 degrees in January!

Also today I've been to Augusta, where I picked up some specialized medicine from the compounding pharmacy, a place catering to both people and to the vet trade. Traffic was kind of heavy in Augusta, and the I-95 traffic was running at close to 80 mph at times on my way to Waterville, where I shipped some packages before heading back home.

In between, I fiddled with my camera. This is the Cat Garden's Cat Guardian

And so, I'm tired. Sleep is in my future.