January 10th, 2006


Waiting for the thyroid

Well. Actually we're waiting for Max!'s thyroid prescription to arrive. I've already let the oil-burner-guy into the basement for the annual cleaning/conditioning stuff, and brought in the lights from the bushes. If I had a switch for them I'd have left them up -- nice to light them in the snow -- but I don't and the weather is such around here that if I didn't do it now I might not be able to do it until March or April...

Rolanni is off to VIP where she's taking care of getting the car in gear. Me, I've voted that we replace the weakening battery with one of these new OPTIMA things, a sort of drycell for the car. Expensive, yes. Not as expensive as not getting the car to start when it really needs to start, and the cold cranking amps look real fine in a place where we've seen -30F and below... just hope they have one that fits.

Planning for COSine continues... looks like the Friends of Liad party will be on Saturday night at the con. Hours and exact location TBA.

More later, my attention is required elsewhere.