January 6th, 2006


A day in January

The view out my window:

a nice gray Maine winter day, with the slightest of ash-fine flurry, and the sometimes eye-catching flit of birds to make me turn my head to see a grove of evergreen trees swathed in snow nearby, with birch trees in the background, and in both of them, bright birds: bluejays and cardinals. Also about from time to time are the doves, sparrows, nuthatches and chickadees. I guess we're running 8 to to one in Bluejays to Cardinals...
the turkeys haven't been through yet today, but experience shows that once they start their winter routes we seem to be on it about 5 days out of 7.

Missed posting yesterday since I got wound up in the technical stuff, which sometimes absorbs me more than it should. I mean, I mean... 257 errors on one webpage? That's according to the W3 validator. Yeah, well, the page was an amalgam of online-catalogs going back through 1996 or so, and the cut-and-paste had captured all kind of previously acceptable code... not that everything's spit-and-polish shiny yet, but we are getting there.

That's work was all for the basic webcatalog and the snippet pages for the Calamity's Child chapbook...

And now, an email reminding me that I forgot to put up an address by snailmail on the new chapbook listing. That's something to do later, after I wash the morning's dishes.
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Lord Black Cat

Take a peak...


as seen on the SI.com website just today

"Swimsuit Collection
Take a peak at over 1,200
photos of more than 90-world
famous models that have
appeared in the pages of
Sports Illustrated."

I dunno... slip of the fingers or slip of the mind, you decide.
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