January 1st, 2006


But Why is The Amaretto Gone?

Certainly not to send a cloud of smoke above the Dry Tortugas, you betcha!

Happy New Year, from the morningside. We did get to hear the olde year wrung out and the new year rung in on our own key-wound Howard Miller Westminster Chime clock, which, with a week's worth of fine-tuning behind it, was within a second or so of the weather-station's atomic time.

No New Year's Resolutions here per se, rather an on-going climate of evolutionary system adaptation. Yesterday I worked on the SRM Publisher office downstairs, starting with moving the wood pile and a pallet of books (so we can safely use the wood stove for heat once again if we need to) and today I'll find a place for the pesky monitors which have taken roost on top of the wood stove and then I'll move that box of old SFBC books upstairs so we can portion them out among local libraries -- some of the books, no doubt to circulate until they collapse, others to find homes from book-sale aficionados.

Also yesterday I played with The Gimp, creating the SFSteve icon which may yet get adjusted again... and also yesterday did some webwork and realized that I'd missed the pre-holiday messages I meant to send to several people who only access their computers from work, and who work actual Monday through Friday jobs. Maybe this year I'll remember. I'm still not good with The Gimp, but I'm learning....

Oh yeah, the SFSteve icon is from a photo used in a magazine article about me and my job at UMBC as Curator of Science Fiction. Since the artwork I'm holding is the cover of SF Bibliodd, published in September or maybe August of 1974 (when did WorldCon start that year?)I'm guessing the photo was taken in late July or very early August.

Work beckons. Have a good year, and hope to see many of you during our travels as the Liaden Universe World Tour continues.
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Ignorance is blitz

Ignorance is blitz...

Not long ago, as the the glacier moves, I sent a note to Lexmark support saying something very much like:

"I'm looking at perhaps giving away several Lexmark multi-purpose 6170s
-- I have one in my office and my VP has one in hers as well -- because
I can't find Linux printer drivers for them. This is a serious issue; I
have an expanding business and, like a number of my small business
acquaintances, I've mostly moved to Linux. Without decent Linux drivers
for Lexmark I'm going to have to go back to HP. Steve Miller"

Well, I got a reply; the gist of it was I should visit a certain page. After a slight rummage, it turns out that Lexmark, bless their hearts, have released something they call... a Lexmark Linux Printer/AIO Driver Developer's Kit.

Now, I'm long ago and faraway from mucking about in the guts of software and am not in (as far as I know) the Linux Developer League..., and besides, that kind of work seems to directly impact my fiction writing time. Does anyone who reads here have an idea of what goes into futzing with something like what's available on this page at Lexmark so I can get this thing working? Am I looking at 10 hours? 5 weeks? 1 lost novel's worth of time?

One of the projects I want to get to is scanning in lots of old (circa 1976-1984) photos of fannish events...BSFS/BaltiCon, maybe a Worldcon... and besides, the Tektronix printer is on the frtiz and I still have some need of color printing.

If this won't take too long I might give it a go. Else I *will* have to buy a printer/scanner and that's not really something I want to do soon, even as cheap as some of them are these days.