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it came out of the wordwork

Add another slug of ... Pepsi to the mug
Lord Black Cat
This time of the year, back in the days when I was living at home with the parents,
we'd have been on the road daily or else hosting dozens of people at once at home --
and sometimes both in the same day -- and by the day before New Year's Eve we'd
be down to only one or two of the ex-Utz potato chip five gallon tins of my mother's cookies.

Usually there were two or three tins of chocolate chip (if three, two were regular Tollhouse style
and one was oatmeal-chocolate chip) and at least a tin each of peanut butter, sugar cookies, oatmeal,
and one of things with nuts.

I mention this because I've just handed out the last two tollhouse cookies in the house...
out of the three dozen or so that had been our full supply.
I'm out of egg nog, too. The pies (mince and lemon) are gone, and most of the extra-fancy cheese.
Guess the season's about done...

But hey, I still have some Pepsi.

Meanwhile, behind the scenes work goes on; eventually some of it
may end up in front of your eyes
as a novel, and some may end up on a webpage or catalog near you,
or maybe as an apparently off-the-cuff talk...

And I should mention that we just came home from Staples with a pair of
DayMinder 2006 Daily Appoinment Books that we found on sale for $1.50 each....
We found a bunch of them on the clearance table.
We're pleased, but I suspect a lazy clerk has (pardon me, "associate")
has given sharp-eyed Maine shoppers an extra bargain this day.

The daylight part of the day was spent mostly out of the house:
off to the Unity PO right after breakfast, (where packages of all kinds were mailed)
then to the new UPS Store where our international shipments were one more of a line
of "exceptions" they were dealing with, and then to Staples, and the to the foodstore,
and then to Subway and then home... the snow that had started as spits-and-starts
on the road between Unity and WTVL graduated to flurries and then steadier snow,
so at least the ground is covered again, if not with a foot of white stuff,
at least enough to look pretty.

So I have my daybook, we're making plans for our trip to COSine --
See: COSine is Coming to Colorado Springs January 20th-22nd 2006
Featuring Author Guests of Honor Sharon Lee and Steve Miller
if you're in Colorado Springs or nearby, this is your shot to meet us at a convention
close to you in 2006. I should note we expect a party since some FoL regulars --
Friends of Liad -- are also going to be there.

Friends of Liad? These are folks who've met as a result of an interest in the
Liaden Universe. Usually this is at conventions where we're guests,
Special Guests, or Guests of Honor. Without the Friends of Liad
I'd likely be working on the Geek Squad or equivalent
these days instead of planning on meeting our friends for breakfast in
Colorado. Oh yeah, and reading from our work, too.