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it came out of the wordwork

Motorcycle gang now on deck
Lord Black Cat
Mixed news, not much urgent...

Spike and the Bluejays have occupied the deck, again, leaving smaller birds to fend for themselves among the grounded seeds that jays don't want. This because the deck is already covered with a fine down of snow, and the snow, it is increasing in both size and rapidity. We look for up to 8 inches of the stuff, with an overlay of other not so fun stuff as an aftermath. Go winter!

In view of the snow-sleet-ice pellet-freezing rain predictions today will not be the day we finish getting all the backed-up Necessary Evils orders to the post office. It may not be tomorrow, either, depending on morning road conditions. This leads to a prediction that all of the pre-orders and most of the other recent SRM orders not yet mailed will get out Monday or Tuesday. Watch the skies, as they say. Just as an FYI we delivered fifty or sixty orders to the PO yesternoon, with New Zealand, Australia, the Netherlands, and even a far-off and far-out place like California as destinations. Go us. Go Chuck, Jay, and Becky at the Unity PO, who have gamely put up with us injecting an extra 400 or 500 pieces of have-to-be-touched-and-wanded mail this holiday season.

Strangeness noted:

in the last few days, as I was packing orders, I've seen patterns and coincidences, information... yet perhaps meaningless information. For example at one point we had 5 people from the same state in a row... but the labels weren't in zipcode order. In another case we had 5 people with the same first name in a row -- but the labels weren't sorted by first name. One sheet of labels alternated male, female, male, female... for 22 labels... the remaining 22 labels on the sheet since I'd done the first 11 the previous day and can't speak to how long it had been going on before that. Humans, they say, try to make sense out of chaos. Silly us.

Other work goes forth, including some slow rearranging of my office.

One of the things still in my office, and which I need to move, is a "treasure chest" about 30 years old. It has a lock, and it has... hundreds of keys. Maybe a thousand. A certain number of keys (I forget the number at the moment) actually open the lock. The thing is a leftover from the days of Aracelli Karri, Inc and the original Star Swarm News; we used it at conventions to attract fans to our table... reach your hand into a bucket of keys... and if you came up with a winner -- one that opened the lock -- you got to draw a prize or a numbered slip good for a prize -- out of the chest. All great fun, yes. But it's sitting unused here, and that's a shame. Guess I ought to put it on Ebay....

Anyhow, with El Dulsey sitting beneath my feet as I type, I guess it's time to get on to some other word work.