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it came out of the wordwork

So it's cool
Lord Black Cat
0 degrees. That a *real* 0 degrees in F, or minus eighteen for Centigradians....
a beautiful morning in cenral Maine. Was watching the sky go from black with sparkles to purplish to rose edged horizon and blue overhead...and can't see a cloud now.

Today's Brewster Rockit amuses
but then I'm sometimes easily amused.

Meant to tell you:

We'll be getting back to more stuff about the working writer/publisher life this week. Both in doing and in journaling.

Writers -- do you want to be sure of having your work when you travel, assuming you know you'll have internet access? I've played with this beta a little: see what you think. Looks like it could be a good collaborative tool, and they allow blogging as well though I've only put up a one sentence test here....

Meanwhile, chapbooks need attention.

BTW -- why doesn't the LJ spellcheck get "blogging"?

As mentioned earlier
More on the writing/publishing concentration here as we can...so this just in: Locus Online lists Sword of Orion in their "Monitor" section today...

And, another 50 or so items mailed out from the SRM Publisher side of things. There's something else, and if I can remember it today I'll revise this to reflect it...