December 8th, 2005


Some work done -- the orders they go out... and such

Went to the PO today with about 30 orders and have packed almost that many again since I got back, tomorrow's mailing is iffy, though, depending on a very undependable winter storm coming upcoast. If we do get out tomorrow we'll have a few more overseas orders on the way, and some Canadian.

Meanwhile Patia visited the vet today and things are very iffy. She's lost an ounce or two again and her body temperature is slightly low, and she's not being good about food, not at all. Some more pills, and some sighs. The long range options are narrowing rapidly. Cross fingers... Dulsey also visited the vet, and he's given her a higher grade antibiotic since the pink stuff hasn't cleared out the eyes and nose runs, nor the sneezes and sniffles. Poor kitten -- she's started to think the vets office isn't a fun place to visit...

At the PO a slow incoming mail day, if you don't count sales catalogs.

Yesterday had a very good talk with my Aunt -- that's my father's older sister -- and have all but the last bit of info we need to move forward on stuff. Perhaps tonight or tomorrow...
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