December 3rd, 2005


Multiple problems, including cat psychology... and real questions...

Multiple problems, including cat psychology...
worse, kitten psychology...

Yesterday evening, just after I returned from what felt like a world tour getting mailing supplies (four post offices and two office supply stores, and I got caught in the remains of an accident) and picking up Necessary Evils from the printer in Augusta we figured we'd relax before signing a few chapbooks and then maybe catching one of the Netflix offerings we have sitting here.... It was Rolanni's one day-off on the week and she spent the time I was away washing clothes and doing catch-up paperwork for the house.

So, we had a nice glass of wine along good pasta and cheese and bread... and when I went to rinse some dishes off discovered we had no hot water. Not only did we have no hot water in the kitchen, we had none in the bathroom, and none in the pipes that feed the BBHW system...and it was snowing, lightly. No wonder the house felt cool.

Rolanni got to sign chapbooks. I called the service guy (hey, the cats are getting to expect a service guy, what with the washer-repair guy having been in in Monday...) and then we used the cell-phone and GPS stuff to guide him in... and he arrived after finishing his dinner and driving up from three or four towns southwest of here.

Something was not quite right (feedback on a neutral wire in 3 phase?) and the Dead River service guy finally got out of here after midnight, apparently after replacing most of what could be replaced. Can't wait for all the service-guy bills to hit... Rolanni, being on an early shift today, signed chapbooks until she was nodding off and went to bed while I waited... These netflix DVDs have been here awhile, sorry...

Meanwhile, Patia will eat some food off my fingers, but only a bit before becoming bored. This isn't good in the face of Dulsey, who guards *all* the food dishes and *all* the water dishes like a mad cat, bouncing up and inserting herself between the dish of food or water and whoever else want to partake. She'll leave a full dish to get in front of (and chase off thereby) the other cats.

The water gun works to a limited extent, but with Patia being borderline starved and us not able to watch at all times, I'm pretty concerned... and guess I shouldn't just lock the kitten up at all times; right now we have been locking her away to feed Patia and that's not a good long term solution. Hints, anyone?

Meanwhile I have some of the paperwork I need to deal with my father's affairs, but not yet all.

Today I'm washing dishes, then filling the bookstore orders for Necessary Evils, and then signing more chapbooks so Rolanni can sign what she's able to when she's home and the bookstore orders can get out Monday and then the others as Also, in between, one more attempt at reviving SRM Publisher's big color printer... if it stays dead I'll need to do about 500 copies of a b&w quick print piece on Rolanni's Optra to replace the nifty color one that will look like hell in monochrome. So, anyone got suggestions on mid-range networkable color lasers? It's a down-the-road thing, but it pays to be informed.

Speaking of down-the-road-things, I saw an old Chevy S-10 for sale in Albion but didn't have time to check it out, and if we did probably couldn't afford it right now... but it might be nice. I really enjoyed driving the LBT (Little Brown Truck) when I had an S-10 before, and it got decent mileage, so as a runabout for me (assuming it's a 3 speed or 4 speed manual Rolanni's shoulder might preclude her taking it on anything other than emergency jaunts) it could be OK. This one vehicle for the house idea could work easily with both of us being home, but it's not ideal when one of us is working away from the house for 30 - 45 hours a week.

Time to pick up Patia's food and let Dulsey out so I can do dishes. Catch you later...
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