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it came out of the wordwork

I need to remember to say thanks to all my correspondents here and those of you who have sent private messages of support and condolence. I wish I could say things are all settled, but they're not, quite, and though I've spoken more with some family members in the last seven days than I have in the last fifteen years, there are some unresolved issues still over my father's passing and I'm waiting some phone calls and faxes (especially faxes)today that should help clarify things and help us make decisions and move on....

Meanwhile, two phone calls all ready today, and a visit to the dentist done before breakfast. Some slight residual aches from removal of some bone chips, but now we're set for a review in February and we're hoping to get away without that bone-graft, which is good news.

Some more good news: it looks like Patia will come home from the vets today. We may have to set her up in a private room; luckily the network rework I did a couple weeks ago means that we can actually close off a couple rooms that used to be cable-blocked. We'll hope the private room isn't required.

And so, while things are in motion and nothing quite solved,
today I offer this take on why people in the US don't read more...
if you read this after Wednesday you may have to go back to the Wed, 11/30 strip.

The rain it is raining. The corn field that had the ducks swimming in it was at duck-depth again when we went by on the way from the dentist. We have flood warnings and flood watches. The sky it is gray. The wind it is whipping trees. The time it is to get the cat.