November 23rd, 2005


Not much to say

Hard time with the computers yesterday, some of it the handy-dandy automatic windows self-installing stuff on the machine with Pagemaker on it. We'll see about that... numerous scheduled items are out of whack now.

Hard times for Patia -- she wouldn't eat, wanted to be off by herself. I spent some time just touching her, and this morning she's not hiding, but not interested in food it appears. Vet appointment in less than an hour. Sigh.

It's snowing. Roads are slick... so we're leaving early.

Rolanni got me out to see The Mug of Flames yesterday, which was a good thing. Rowling played very unfair with Harry, I think, when it came to the Ball.

Got to get on the road for the vet, will check in a bit later, or a bunch later if the computer fights me again.
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No more calls from Treasure Island

I just found out my father died last week at age 77 in Florida; no one was with him at the time and it took the piling up of newspapers for anyone to notice that he'd not been out and about. The death notice I found in the on-line St Pete newspaper today said he died Monday, with no known survivors. This a man with at least 7 children and umpteen grandchildren and beyond.

He hadn't called for awhile, but that wasn't too much of a concern, after all sometimes I called him, sometimes he called me. We've been keeping in touch, more or less, since I saw him last, when he had his houseboat in Miami years ago. He'd been planning on coming north for a visit, and me south, for a visit, for a long time. He'd changed coasts and then moved once or twice, always on the water, but kept my phone number; once or twice I even got a card from him, over the years.

I spoke to him not all that long ago when he promised to keep in touch about his upcoming doctor visits and such, due in December. He frequently called on holiday evenings from his beachside apartment -- not only for the low holiday phone rates, but because he knew that if I hadn't told him we'd be on the road I'd be here -- and so I was sort of expecting to talk to him tomorrow night, after 8:30. And he would have told me about how hot it still was there, and how many bikini-clad girls had walked by, and I would have told him it was x degrees below freezing and that the snow was covering the deck so many inches high and we would both have been pleased to talk, and both pleased with the choices that put us so far apart and still in touch.

But he didn't pick papers for a few days, and that was wrong because he'd mostly stopped traveling and he always read and kept himself informed on the news, local to international. So someone called someone who knocked on his door and they called police and, and in a slow cascade of relay he would have enjoyed hearing about, someone found a scribbled name on an envelope back and called someone who called someone and etc who called my mother (his ex-wife now for nearly 50 years!)who called me who called my cousin who called her mother and.... now we have to cope, and finish telling the relatives we can find.

There's a good chance I won't be posting for awhile.

FWIW, it's beautiful outside, the snow. It started early today before the news reached me. With luck, we'll have inches of snow on the deck tomorrow night. I'll have to guess about the bikinis.
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