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it came out of the wordwork

Have to start renting space in the vet's office
Down to the vet today, again -- this time, for Patia.

Blood test, take home "amoxy" -- known as pink-stuff around here -- and "subcute hydration" on-site. At least the vet knows enough about SF to talk books with while we're watching the water burble out of the bag and down the tube into the cat. And, we've got a return engagement set for later in the week. Guess what...

we've got a flood watch: chance of sleet and rain tonight and then heavy rain tomorrow and then flood watch from tomorrow morning until Wed. Oh yeah, chance of snow or rain again on Thanksgiving, just to even things out.

Else another troublesome day misdealing with software. The nice auto-fill feature has got to be turned off every time I save. How useful...