November 20th, 2005


Run the fannish flag to half-mast

And so, just before bed last night Rolanni discovered the news that Irv Koch, a fanzine fan, convention fan, and founder of ChattaCon, died during a nap, at age 58.

Interconnectedness... the new came from Bud Webster, who'd gotten it from another group that had gotten it from elsewhere...

And interconnectedness is how I met and knew Irv -- because I got his fanzine as a result of being in some fanzines and getting copies and ... there you go, when I went to Chattacon as an art agent and fan, there he was, and then at other cons he was there, and then in the late great attempt to bring the WorldCon to Charlotte he was active and we were even in correspondence over some ideas... and there you go, he's gone. Irv was involved in many things important to me, and though we were from different places in so many ways (and sometimes thus sometimes not quite eye-to-eye) I was not sorry when he was around and I am sorry that he's not around anymore.

I guess the best thing to do is to recall the good times, forgive the rough times, and know that he affected a lot of fans, readers, and writers over the years. Let the fannish flag fly boldly at half mast. We salute you Irv.
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Lord Black Cat

Boo birds and other annoyances while I'm breaking for lunch

Chuck Thompson called them "the boo birds." He was referring to (baseball) fans who are never happy -- the ones who booed the good players just to boo, and who would dis a man's batting stance -- and if he hit a homeroom would dis his salary, or the way he rounded the bases, or... whatever.

I see Sword of Orion has attracted one or two of the boo birds over at Amazon -- I looked up one of the reviewers and by golly, they live in a hard world. Nothing satisfies them -- the average rating they give is 1.1 out of 5. Boo bird.


The 4 pack of cinnamon buns. Look close -- each bun is two servings. So why don't they make it an 8 pack? I see -- they want you to eat a whole bun, but they can't offically condone giving you that much sugar/fat at once. Then there's the chicken tenders I'm cooking for lunch. Eight pieces, all about the same size... "Approximately 3.5 servings." The asparagus can holds 2.5 servings.

And the weatherfolks have changed the forecast for Thanksgiving from snow to early snow showers, followed by a rainy day. Blech.
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