November 17th, 2005

Lord Black Cat

This just in

So, after a couple of rough days, something to smile about crosses the email boundary:


Phobos Impact
For Immediate Release:
Contact: John Ordover


The upstart science fiction and fantasy line Phobos Impact (an  imprint of
Phobos Books) is pleased to announce that they are out of stock on  their
8,000 copy trade paperback first printing of SWORD OF ORION: Beneath 
Strange Skies Book One by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller. The five-book 
series from the creators of the Liaden (r) Universe tells the story of 
sixteen year old Jerel Telemon and her companions as they gate from  world
to world in their struggle to stop the evil Oligarchy from regaining its 
domination of the galaxy.

"Think of it as Star Wars meets The  Belgariad," Editor-in-Chief John
Ordover said.  "Alternative-worlds  said that  'Brilliant 
characterizations, exotic cultures and thrilling chase scenes make SWORD
OF  ORION a book that is destined to become a classic' and who am I to
disagree with  them?" Ordover added

Sword of Orion is one of four Fall Launch titles from  Phobos Impact; the
other titles in Phobos Impact's Fall Launch are All  Eve's Hallows by Dean
Wesley Smith, Dragon America by Mike Resnick, and Blood  and Roses by Ann
Tonsor Zeddies. 


Meanwhile, the planning for COSine picks up steam:
if you can be in Colorado Springs in mid-January you can stop by and say hello. We're hoping for enough of a presence from the Friends of Liad to have a party, or at least a breakfast...
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