November 13th, 2005

Lord Black Cat

Let's just adjust this small thing.....

as part of my "just a little bit of organizing" that I started
earlier in the week I'll be restringing about 100 feet of Cat5
networking cable, will finish replacing a door, moving a computer, and other such
stuff -- I'll likely be offline for awhile. With luck it'll only be a few
hours, but I have a good imagination and some experience in what happens
when you change "just one thing" in a network.

Rolanni ought not to have more than an hour interruption to her
connectivity, we hope.

And also btw, did I show you this:

Tom Peters cover art for Necessary Evils ...
which you can order now if you're so inclined

BTW, if we get 4 more pre-orders for Necessary Evils before
November 15 we'll match the first three print runs --
amounting to the first eighteen months or so -- of sales for
Two Tales of Korval, the chapbook that accidentally
started the SRM Publisher publishing empire
10 years ago this month.

My estimate,(our records for 1999 and 2000 aren't complete, alas,
and we've used several printers and they've changed computer
systems and ownership several times so they can't help) is that
we've sold over 10,000 copies of Two Tales of Korval since
November of 1995.

Thanks for lots of support over the years.
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