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it came out of the wordwork

Oddities and Observations
Snowed last night...but the darn wind worked against us and brought in warmer air after midnight; this morning all we had was mist and fog...took rolanni to work and it cleared on our way in... so I had a strip of blue and sky and a promise of clearing. But went from Waterville out to the PO in Unity and descended into a cloud as I entered Unity Plantation. Got back to East Winslow and see a tiny strip of blue again. Observation: today's weather is mixed.

Coffee pot went bonkers this morning -- second time it's done this in three years, I think. Result: coffee on the floor and I took Rolanni to breakfdast at BK before work. Note: exactly one week out from heavy duty oral surgery there's not all that much edible on the BK breakfast menu.

Stopped up the Hannaford to pick up some trash bags and saw a young couple pushing two children in one of those car-shaped shopping carts. The couple looked so fannish I had to stop myself, several times, from asking what they were reading this week, or if they'd seen Serenity.

Arriving home I discover that the rest of the coffee is sequestered under the kitchen rug...and it's misting outside, so dragging the rug out to dry it won't work, eh?

Note: leftover salmon souffle makes a good second breakfast, even if you skip the Riesling intended to go with it, which I did.

No correspondent report this morning: I have myself seen an amazon ranking on Sword of Orion of 1272 and a BN.com ranking on it of 9060. I long to repeat the Plan B happening -- a book with the same number at the same time on BN.com and amazon... but that was years ago, during the Superbowl. It was 998, IIRC. In the meantime Crystal Dragon (you've ordered your signed copy from Meisha Merlin, right? If not you've got all of a couple days to get your order in!)Collapse )

And now, stuff to do before it's time to unBean Rolanni.