November 9th, 2005


Moving somewhat faster today

Got some stuff done --

took my old office door of the hinges, moved the door... and am prepping to install a folding door which will clear the way for me to use my closet -- which has always been blocked by the door of the office if it was open. Of course I'll have to take charge of getting the closet in order -- I think I still have some ancient equipment in there. But if this works as proof of concept, we may replace a door in rolanni's office, or even the bedroom door to reclaim some of that wasted door-swing space...and I can use the working lock-set from the moved door to replace the non-working one in another door. Yay team... only thought of this a year or so ago. Oughtn't there be a way to have sliding doors so we don't need to waste space? Hey what an idea....

Saw a larger rough of the cover for Necessary Evils. Whoa good... Have to get the rest of that chapbook set, of course. Then I have to see if I can find a good cover stock for the quality art.

I've done a whole bunch of coding today -- not done yet, of course, but soon much of the Yard Dog Press catalog will be part of the SRM Publisher Ltd Genre Shop catalog, coming soon to an SRM website near you. If you know a small press needing an extra outlet, let me know offlist and I'll see if they suit what we're doing.

I'd have done more coding but for the strange sounds I need to check on from time to time. I think Dulsey is trying out her Super Kitten Cape and leaping from the tops of things I don't want to know about. Also, Scrabble's been about, and sometimes she leaps, using her Super Office Cat Cape and then Dulsey need to leap and three-bound to catch up to her and then ... etc.

Interesting writerly discussion going on over here at truepenny's blog if you're of a mind to explore.
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